Vanilla Workshop Speedvagen in DC

*this was back in November 2016 when the Vanilla did their east coast fit tour

Washington DC  - Jean Pierre Antique Store is the place to be if you are looking for bikes. Hidden in plainsight lies a small bike studio right outside of Georgetown. Without paying attention you would walk right by and not even notice it. The outside of the shop is modest and simple. No large embellished adverts outside, no neon “open” sign, just a simple “District Cycle Works” on the glassdoor.

Taking the main stage at the the studio was The Vanilla Workshop. Sacha White and his team gave the DC cycling community an opportunity to learn about the Speedvagen Bikes. Sacha spent over 15 years building frames, and fitting clients and an even longer riding and racing bikes. Through those years he took all of his experiences and inspirations and honed it into something special. What was born was Speedvagen bikes. Meticulously designed as they are beautiful.

Sacha created this tour to share his bike fit philosophy, to be balance on the bike and have a proper position. It didn’t matter if you rode his bikes or not, what mattered was the Speedvagen ideals were available for everyone.

Along with the fit clinic, people were able to check out and his fleet of eye candy bikes that he brought. If one was in your size, a lengthy test ride would be possible too..

Of course we as the DC cycling community had to give something back Sacha. Wednesday night began with a ride through the city hitting all of the monuments and landmarks. However, a ride in DC would not be right without taking a lap on the pro caliber UCI criterium circuit of Hains Point. The night ended with drinks and food at Emissary a couple blocks from the shop courtesy of the Bluemont Connection. Bikes were discussed, names exchanged and friendship made.