A Cross' Examination

Cyclocross is about to come to an end this weekend with the World Championship in Luxembourg(Yes I know there are a few races after it). To celebrate, here is look back of the cross races that I had the opportunity to catch this year. Having raced some of these courses, each one is unique and memorable in their own way. Each one brings the grittiness and suffering of cross that makes it a beautiful sport. 


Charm City Cyclocross Baltimore, MD

Day 1 at Charm City had rain all day that made for a slippery day. It was a muddy race for this venue in many years.


DCCX Washington, DC

A dry and fast weekend. The course main feature was the "M" or "W" section. A loose and tricky section filled with rocks and roots that was really hard to navigate. This created a very hectic holeshot.


Supercross Cup Suffern, NY

Morning snow turned into a mud fest for the pro race. Thick deep mud everywhere, the pit played an important role as racers were pitting every lap.

US Cyclocross Nationals Hartford, CT

A muddy weekday created crazy deep ruts that stayed frozen over the weekend. The snow made the course tougher with slick ice on top of those rutted sections.